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2014 Spring Summer NIA Newsletter

It's June, the end of the spring season 2014, and time to summarize the status of the NIA!  Volunteer members of the NIA continue to collect, preserve and disseminate information relating to the Norwegian immigrant community in and around New York during the 20th century.  Actually, our archives carry records of Norwegian immigrants living in New Amsterdam as far back as the 17th century.



The NIA is the "go to" place for people who wish to revisit the "old days", or are curious about their roots in Norwegian New York.  Students researchers, genealogists and historians are welcome to study our materials.  It is a double bonus that some of this information is on the internet already and more will be added.  The additional and most important elements that are needed are many more volunteers and substantial financial support.


If you have a request - email:


As you can tell from the list below, members never know what is coming up next and there are so many chances to learn something new and to meet interesting people.  Volunteers do research and computer work.  They organize presentations, plan programs and represent the NIA at many different functions.  Here are some of the specific way the NIA has spread the word about the Norwegian American community.

  • Arranged to have Nasjonal Biblioteket (The National Library in Oslo) digitize Nordisk Tidende.  It will be online before next summer.  This is a project the NIA has planned for three years.  We are delighted Nasjonal Biblioteket thinks Nordisk Tidende, this valuable newspaper is as important to preserve as we do.

  • Sponsored the 59th Annual Miss Norway Contest, Congratulations to Jillian MacDonald, Miss Norway of Greater New York 2014.  Participated at Scanfest with an information table, film program and greetings by Miss Norway. 

  • Co-Chair Lars Nilsen represents the NIA on the P.S. 15 project. (Norwegian history in Red Hook).

  • Lars Nilsen made a presentation to the Nordisk Interest Group at the Harvard Club.

  • Attended NYC Grant Writer's Conference.

  • Showed films and had Q&As at several Sons of Norway lodges (NY, NJ, LI, CT)

Here are some specific examples of NIA activities

The NIA provided a guided tour of Norwegian New York for Norway's UN Ambassador Geir Pedersen, as well as for other groups and individuals.


Sverre Mørkhagen-Norwegian author of a trilogy about immigration to U.S. NIA provided a guided tour of Norwegian New York research from the library and the cover page photo of the 17th of May parade.

This picture appears on the cover page of Sverre Mørkhagen's final volume of his trilogy about Norwegian immigration to the U.S.  It is copied from the Exhibit Collection, Norwegian in New York 1825 to 2000: Builders of City, Community and Culture.




Evelyn Hammaren-author of Lake Telemark: Norway in New Jersey 1929-1959
NIA provided video clips of Lake Telemark from 1929 film.


NRK (Norwegian Media) - Miss Norway 2013, Amy Lindland appeared in an interview for the NRK TV series  Jakten På Norge that celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.  In addition, the NIA supplied information about Norwegian New York.


Liv Marit Haakenstad: genealogist, author, biographer of Carl Søyland, editor of Nordisk Tidende from 1940-1963, NIA provided information form the exhibit Norwegians in New York, 1825 to 2000: Builders of City, Community and Culture, plus two guided tours of Norwegian New York.




All members and friends are called upon to build the collection with letters, documents, stories, maps, and photos.  At this time the NIA is beginning a collection on the history of the churches. (Please identify people, places or items).  The NIA cannot accept artifacts or objects. Indicate if you wish to have your material returned. 
Please begin sending submissions September 15, 2014 to:

The Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc.
315 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022

Not all submissions can be included in the collection. The NIA reserves the right to choose what is going to appear in the Collection.

Biographical data about Carl Søyland - posthumously submitted by Signy Ahlman
History of Lake Telemark - submitted by Evelyn Hammaren
Steel Girders & Steele Chases: The Life and Art of Bernhard Berntsen - submitted by Clifford Miller

Many volunteers are needed to sort, digitize (convert data into a form that is used on the internet) and catalogue materials.

Join us sleuthing, and sharing our cache of information with all interested people.  Will you give some of your time to one of the groups below?

  • The Executive Council

  • The Miss Norway Committee - a very effective, well-working group

  • Committees - research, publicity, filing, cataloging, grant writing

  • Community Relations - speakers, tour guides

  • Fund Raising and Development

  • Communications (returning submissions, handling correspondence)

We are eager to hear from you!!!!
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