4 responses to “October, 2016-The 150th Anniversary of the First Norwegian Church in New York

  1. Many thanks for an interesting story.
    Best regards
    Helge Østtveiten

    Sendt fra min iPad

    Den Mar 8, 2016 kl. 9:44 PM skrev “The Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc.” :



    • Liked to see that the church I attended when I lived in Brooklyn is still active. Hope the congregation still has focus on activities for children and teens to help them grow up in a good way in the very big city they live in.


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      • Dear Connie- Yes Connie, Our Saviours is still an active church-although changing with the times-I hope that you and your family will be alble to participate in the October celebration. Regards, Lars Nilsen, Co-Chair NIA


    • Helge- Thank you for your comment. There is a big Dinner being planned to celebrate the history of this important Norwegian Church in New York City. Sincerely, Lars Nilsen, Co-Chair, NIA


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