May 17th Parade

My Experience as Miss Norway 2015

As I walked through the audience in my high heels and blue gown, all I kept saying to myself was, “don’t trip Lauren, don’t trip, do-not-trip”. Luckily, I had a New York Vikings Police Officer linked arm and arm with me promising he would not let me fall as he escorted me into the ceremony room and up the stairs that led to the stage.

Feeling welcomed and at home in Hjelle

By Megan Hjelle, Miss Norway of Greater New York, 2009 I stood there recollecting the 23 years I spent dreading the moment someone would try to pronounce my last name – “Helly?”; “Ha-Jelly?”; “Hell?” – And there, on an old farm’s crumbling foundation atop an otherwise nameless hill in Ulnes, I stood in the very …

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