Thank you for visiting our website! Here at the Norwegian Immigration Association, we have been digging into and documenting the history of the NYC Norwegian community since 1995. On the site we are publishing our findings: timelines, mapsoral histories, pictures, trivia, and our immigrant stories.

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Miss Norway

The Miss Norway of Greater New York contest originated in 1952. Annually, since then, accomplished young women of Norwegian heritage have participated, discussing their accomplishments and their aspirations and explaining how their Norwegian heritage has contributed to their lives.

Immigrant Stories

Over the years, Norwegian immigrants or their descendants have contributed stories of the Norwegian-American experience in and around the New York area. These original accounts go as far back as the late 1800s and are part of the NIA collection. Oral accounts have been included as a separate collection.

Nordisk Tidende

The NIA is proud of its efforts to have Nordisk Tidende digitized by the National Library of Norway—a 5 year long effort. Nordisk Tidende was a Norwegian weekly published from 1891 to circa 2000. Here is the story of Norwegian in New York—good times and bad. You will probably find wedding, confirmations, obituaries of relatives as well as all civic and social enterprises on these pages. Nordisk Tidende functioned as the only free Norwegian newspaper during World War II.

NIA Digital Library

A collection of our exhibitions featuring history, stories, images and more.

Norwegians in New York 1825-2000
Builders of City, Community and Culture

This exhibit, Norwegians in New York 1825 to 2000, Builders of City, Community and Culture was begun in 1995 by a grass roots organization, The Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc. It documents the history of Norwegian immigrants to the New York area. The exhibit includes examples of their work as builders of tunnels, piers, bridges, … READ MORE...

Preserving Norwegian Traditions

After the exhibit, Norwegian in New York 1825 to 2000, Builders of City, Community, and Culture finished its stay at The Ellis Island Museum, it traveled to the Emigrant Museum in Ottestad, Norway. It was dismantled and the decision was made to assemble another exhibit featuring the customs and artifacts that had been a part the …

Norwegians Settle in New York

Norwegians Settle in New York is also one of the exhibits displayed at the gallery at Heritage Hall at the Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center at 1270-67th Street, Brooklyn, NY. This collection follows the Norwegian immigrants community as it develops more and larger church communities, a Children's Home, a Home for the Aged. The Norwegian Americans are no longer new comers, but have established businesses and careers and have become established citizens in the community.

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