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The NIA Exhibit is located at the Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center in Brooklyn:

Heritage Hall,
1250 67th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219

7 responses to “Contact us

  1. Being of Norwegian ancestry and a coin collector, I have been drawn to coins and medals portraying Viking ships. Does your organization have any medals with Viking ships or a member who has the same interests? If so, please contact me at or (910) 520-8405. Thank you.


    • Oliver-Thank you for your inquiry-I am sorry for our very late reply. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Our mission is to record and preset the history of the Norwegian experience in New York. However, in Brooklyn, there is an annual 17th of May Parade-this year will be the 65th. Each year a pin is designed for sale to support it financially. This year it is a beautiful Viking Ship. See the Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc ‘s Facebook post—and order one ( or more $5.00/per ) -via All the best-Lars Nilsen


  2. Steve-Sorry for the late reply. Our organization’s mission is to record the rich history of the Norwegian experience in NYC. The Norwegian Seamen’s church in NYC has Norwegian classes, but I believe the teachers are Norwegian citizens. I think your best bet is to contact The Norwegian Consulate in NYC, The Norwegian UN Ambassador’s office in NYC or the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in NYC. Good luck, Lars Nilsen,Co-Chair,NIA


  3. Hello. I am doing some inqueri searching information about my biological father, Egil M. Aakerlund. He was born 25 June 1920 in Norway. I have found out that he lived in New Jersey and died 24 May 1966. He is buried in Gloucester, New Jersey.
    He was a sailor, originally, but I found out that he had been a maintenance guy at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in New York back in the 60th. I have contacted the Church, but they could not find any information about him in their archives.
    I also found out that he, at that time, had a wife called Anne Marie Staaff.
    Can you help me finding out:
    – anything about his life in the US.
    – where he lived?
    – where he is buried (cemetery)?
    – if I have any relatives in US, did my father and Anne Marie Staaff have any children?

    I do hope that you are able to help me. It is important for me to know what happened to my father when he lived in the US and that I hopefully could find a grave to visit.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,
    Kai-Haftor Olsen (born Aakerlund)


    • Dear Ka-Haftor–I am sorry for the very late response to your email. Unfortunately we are not set up and staffed to followup on your request. We are all volunteers, searching where we can for stories about Norwegian Immigrants. There are private persons who do genealogy searches. I sympathize with you and wish you luck. –Lars Nilsen, Co-Chair, NIA (


  4. Hello ,
    My name is Adam , I am after someone to speak too regarding myself no kids or wife .
    I Ruined my back badly in a factory & farm work , I am on the “Disability Pension ” I am able to work only if it is not Labor intensive .
    Norway I Read alot of Books of and Many pictures & Movies , I watch ur countries News and landscape ( the Viking / Norse – Icelandic Nations Are the shinning lights of this Dark World .
    Okay, !! I reckon ive typed enough 😏Lol
    For you to get a Heads Up on info I need
    I shall leave my Details at bottom of the page ..👍😃😃

    I love Norway or Really any of Icelandic Nation’s ! .
    My Mother is English & my Moms – Mom ?, is of Norweigan Descent & our family goes back 860 to England in 1072 & fought under King Henry , In the 1st & 2nd “Crusades “” .. And today as far as in concerned were in No.3 .
    Anyway I am now 40 and, I !! In my teens and 20’s made stupid decisions and have a few NON CUSTODIAL /( Not & never being imprisoned for crime except waiting for instant bail .” NO VIOLENT. ABUSE/ABUSING/ASSAULT OF ANY KIND”” or any form .
    But !!! As said Now 40 it was so stupid all just stuff due to family issues I took too far , Now I take it as learning the Hard Way “But I Learnt “” from it so .
    Ok that’s the basic info. And situation .
    Mobile ; 0468 402 301 …
    Adam Wharton
    South Australia
    Gawler .


    • Adam-Sorry for the late reply–I am afraid we are not set up to help you. Our mission is to record and preserve the history of the Norwegian immigrants in the New York Area. Lars Nilsen, Co-Chair, NIA


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