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The NIA Exhibit is located at the Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center in Brooklyn:

Heritage Hall,
1250 67th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219

3 responses to “Contact us

  1. Being of Norwegian ancestry and a coin collector, I have been drawn to coins and medals portraying Viking ships. Does your organization have any medals with Viking ships or a member who has the same interests? If so, please contact me at or (910) 520-8405. Thank you.


    • Oliver-Thank you for your inquiry-I am sorry for our very late reply. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Our mission is to record and preset the history of the Norwegian experience in New York. However, in Brooklyn, there is an annual 17th of May Parade-this year will be the 65th. Each year a pin is designed for sale to support it financially. This year it is a beautiful Viking Ship. See the Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc ‘s Facebook post—and order one ( or more $5.00/per ) -via All the best-Lars Nilsen


  2. Steve-Sorry for the late reply. Our organization’s mission is to record the rich history of the Norwegian experience in NYC. The Norwegian Seamen’s church in NYC has Norwegian classes, but I believe the teachers are Norwegian citizens. I think your best bet is to contact The Norwegian Consulate in NYC, The Norwegian UN Ambassador’s office in NYC or the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in NYC. Good luck, Lars Nilsen,Co-Chair,NIA


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